A Christian Healing Practice

Science and Metaphysics
by Rolf Witzsche


The practice of Christian healing extends through all time and actually predates the era of Christ Jesus.  We see similar examples of spiritual healing to his, in the records of earlier prophets, notably Elijah. We also find them in the life of modern Christian healers. Indeed, the practice of primitive Christian healing blends into the wide range of metaphysics that mankind has utilized for healing all the way from ancient shamanism to the most scientific modern mental healing, even scientific Christian healing, including numerous types of alternate forms of metaphysical healing practices.

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In Christian metaphysical healing, however, the factor of Love, as well as that of Spirit, plays a central role. Or rather, it should play a central role. What sets the Christian dimension apart from the Mosaic dimension, for instance, is the factor of love, because without the Gospels, the environment of uniting justice and affection, there is something spiritually lacking in our approach to one another, to God, to ourselves, to our world, and to our civilization. Here is where true Christian healing begins.

Also presented, is another research project by Rolf Witzsche, in the form of a series of  novels  for discovering the dimensions of the principle of universal love.

The Principle of Universal Love


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